Machine Shop in Brookline, New Hampshire

Here at Hydraulic Equipment Company, Inc., we're equipped to offer you all the hydraulic and pneumatic equipment repair services you need. Our machine shop is located in Brookline, New Hampshire. We utilize an extensive array of metal-based mechanisms, including:
Drill Press, Machine Shop in Brookline, NH
• Lathes
• Surface Grinders
• A Drill Press
• Milling Machines
• Hydraulic Press

Retail Replacement Parts

We're able to offer you any replacement hydraulic equipment parts that you may require. Our inventory of hydraulic hoses and fittings is extensive, so common parts are easy to replace when you turn to us.

Custom Fabrications

In the event that your equipment is old and no longer manufactured, making it impossible for you to find a replacement piece, we'll be glad to create a custom-fabricated piece for you. In the past, we have fabricated piston rods, piston heads, and cylinders.

Trust Our Expertise

Our skills are so advanced that we've been able to fabricate replacement parts for foreign manufacturing companies. These clients needed parts for machines they'd brought from places as far as Germany, and turned to us for our expert assistance – we'll meet your unique needs just as effectively.

Contact us in Brookline, New Hampshire, to find out more about our full-service machine shop.